Ryan Reynolds Workout for Blade Trinity: Slay Vampires With A Steel Body

Ryan Reynolds Workout: Vampire Slayer Shape

Sporting one of the most desirable bodies in show business today, audiences are curious on how Ryan Reynolds keeps himself in good shape. The Canadian actor debuted into the silver screen in some romantic comedy flicks before moving into more serious roles. His foray into action in Blade: Trinity proved his versatility as an actor, but the body that he sported for that film got people quite interested on the Ryan Reynolds Workout.

Because it is an action movie where the actor plays a vampire slayer, it was his duty to basically shape up for the task. Fans who aspire to achieve his musculature would die to find out what the Ryan Reynolds Workout is all about, with aspirations to emulate the body of the young actor.

Ryan Reynolds Workout: Shaping up for Blade Trinity

Muscle density is something that became evident when the actor came out for his role as Hannibal King. With his basically new found larger muscles and a leaner physique, it became clear that there was hard work put in by Ryan Reynolds. Looking back at past roles, it became evident that all that Reynolds needed to do was pack up, and it made the process all the more easier for him.

Those who desire to follow the Ryan Reynolds Workout for Blade: Trinity should be advised that the actor basically had 11% body fat, which is quite low for the average person. While he definitely lacked on such he had to make up for muscle gain, and for the movie he had to put on a staggering 20 pounds of pure and solid muscle, which the actor had to work on for 6 months.

Imaging enduring such arduous work for that physique, but it can be workable for any person who would like to take up the Ryan Reynolds Workout. The main thing that the actor had actually emphasized during the whole process is that one should eat healthy if they desire to gain the body that he had achieved. He states that the reason why he had built proper muscle fast is because he hit the weights really hard while maintaining a proper diet.

With six small meals a day, Reynolds managed to enjoy this lifestyle as there was not much worry about carbs restrictions. He did not eat carbs after 8pm, but would consume protein if he felt hungry. He also watched his daily calorie intake, and maintained use of creatine as his dietary supplement.

For two to three hours a week, Reynolds worked out different muscle groups per day. First was the Chest, then the Back, then progressing to the shoulders, and lastly the legs. Reps were in the 8 to 12 range..

Because Reynolds admits to not have been a fan of working out before this film, he claims that he had the best chances of gaining muscle fast without much effort. When you’re a newbie your body is always more responsive to working out.

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